Former peshmerga: KDP is a servant and village guard of Turkey

HABER MERKEZİ - Criticizing the operations against Federated Kurdistan carried out by Turkey involving the KDP, former Peshmerga Celal Abdullah said the KDP is the servant and village guard of Turkey.
The operation launched by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in the Federated Kurdistan Region on April 23 continues both from the air and from the ground. In parallel with the operations of the TAF, the KDP began to deploy its forces to Metina. The fact that the KDP is used as Turkey's land forces in the operation zone is widely criticized. Former Peshmerga Celal Abdullah is among those who criticized KDP being used by Turkey. 
Speaking to Rojnews, former peshmerga Celal Abdullah stated that he was against the KDP's participation in the operation and said: "I took up arms against the Iraqi Baath regime. If I weren't old now, I would take up arms and fight against Turkey's attacks. Drawing attention to the Gulan and Zêrewanî forces trained in Turkey as part of the "train-equip" program of the Barzani family, who were exiled to the operation area, Abdullah said, "The history of the Barzani family is going down in history. There were gangs and village guards in the past, now there is the KDP and it is a servant and the village guard of Turkey."